While your options are certainly vast for Sunshine Coast bond cleaners, partnering with a trusted local small business not only benefits our region, but also ensures streamlined communication and high quality services provided. Quite simply, we’re only happy if you’re happy, which is why Sunshine Coast Cleans are committed to performing our services with the utmost attention to detail, in the shortest possible time period. We have earned a strong reputation for being a consistent provider of high quality, reliable and detailed bond cleaning, and intend on keeping it that way.


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Why Choose Us For Your Bond Clean?

Our Sunshine Coast bond cleaning team members know their stuff, and have a number of years of experience working with local real estate agents, landlords and tenants. Our team members even carry the REIQ approved cleaning checklist whilst undertaking Sunshine Coast bond cleans to make sure that our clients get the best cleaning experience without any stress, and  that nothing in the world of hygiene stands between them and getting back their bond money.

Don’t take our word for it, read what some of our recent bond clean customers have to say

With the rental market this tough, leaving your place spick and span is a must – but where do you find decent Sunshine Coast bond cleaners to guarantee this? 

In fifty short years, the Sunshine Coast region has grown from what was once a small beachside holiday destination, into Australia’s ninth largest city. Despite being a very popular tourist hotspot that attracts over three million visitors per annum, it’s also a region that many are looking to call home in the long term. So much so, that the ten year annual average population growth rate sits at 1.66%, compared to 1.5% nationally.


A Full Bond Clean Includes

General / bedrooms


Bathrooms & Toilets


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A Sunshine Coast Renters Guide To Good Bond Cleans​

For many, the end-of-lease clean means finally facing up to the monstrous dust clouds and terrifying patches of mould they’ve spent the past year convincing themselves don’t exist. However, Sunshine Coast bond cleaners are professionals that are able to offer an alternative to dealing with this yourself.

In a nutshell, a bond clean usually includes vacuuming all carpets, mopping the floors, thorough dusting of any hard furniture, cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, the oven inside and out, as well as washing the windows. To ensure your abode is deep cleaned from top to bottom, always double check with your provider as to what they do and don’t include in a bond clean.

What You Need To Know  

A bond cleaning session can take anywhere between three to eight hours, and depends on the size of the property, and the number of cleaners attending. As the tenant, it’s very important to have the property ready and empty of personal belongings to ensure that the cleaning team can move around any light furniture in order to complete the task at hand. So that they can clean the rooms thoroughly, if you have any bigger furniture, it’s more likely that they won’t attempt to move these. We recommend that you advise the company beforehand whether you need any bulky furniture moved, so that this can be also factored in the price and in the time it takes the cleaners to complete the service. Naturally, the job will also take longer if you have booked any extra tasks, such as professional carpet or upholstery cleaning, wall spot cleaning or external window cleaning as an example. 

When it comes to calculating the cost of Sunshine Coast bond cleaners, this usually boils down to a number of factors such as the size of the home, the services required, and the condition of the property in question. Remember – not all Sunshine Coast bond cleaning providers operate at the same standard, so do your research and check reviews, as the cheapest option may not be the best fit or cover the tasks that you need tackled. 

Sourcing Sunshine Coast Bond Cleaners

To request a quote or discuss our Sunshine Coast bond clean services available in further detail or what types of cleaning we offer, please get in touch with us today to discuss how our locally based team can solve your cleaning requirements.