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Why Do You Need A Builders Clean? 

Most of us are familiar with the simple fact that construction is a messy affair. While clients may have a shiny new bathroom, renovated kitchen or perhaps even a whole new home, the sheer amount of dust, debris and leftover materials is the downside of bringing the space to life. A few short years ago, a builders clean was a term used to describe the actual builder in question removing any protective coverings, vacuuming the joinery, tidying the floors and wiping the bench tops before heading off to his or her next job site. 

However, the process is quite different these days. On the Sunshine Coast, the building industry is our region’s largest employer, with over 21% of our local population working in this sector. Needless to say, the building industry is big business, and more in demand than ever before given Australia’s extremely hot real estate market. With more people opting to build their dream home as opposed to buying one and a rise in renovations as the more budget friendly option for many, it should come as no surprise that our building industry is under the pump. 

However, someone still needs to tackle the mess, which is when a Sunshine Coast builders clean provider steps in to ensure that the new abode is sparkling clean and ready for move in day – but what exactly is a builders clean?

The Concept Of A Builders Clean Explained

Debris from a building site, such as paint, plaster dust, grouting and more, can quickly add up and make a job site rather untidy and even at times unsafe, and their presence can also stop the project proceeding as quickly and methodically as it could. After building works are completed, a builders clean is somewhat of a necessity in order to portray the work completed in the best possible light.

As the demand for construction and building services has exploded over the last few years, it’s not uncommon for project leaders to enlist the services of subcontractors as a means to speed up a project in an efficient and cost effective manner. While often used for portions of the project such as plastering or concreting, the cleaning requirements of a job site are now also usually outsourced, and are much more detailed than they once were just a few decades ago. 

With so much anticipation riding on the handover of a commercial or residential build, it is crucial to get every aspect of the project looking its best. After all, the client has no doubt paid good money for their new build, renovation or fit-out and they expect to be presented with a ready-to-use product. As such, a simple vacuum or sweep just doesn’t cut it anymore, which is why ensuring that a builders clean has been completed is essential when delivering the finished product – but what exactly does that include?

While a labourer’s clean is usually used to describe a quick site clean up, it’s for when builders are bringing the client on site during the building process for inspections or updates. The process includes picking up rubbish, removal of protective coverings, sweep/vacuum and general tidying of the surrounding site.

In comparison, a builders clean is showcasing the finished product. Many cleaners offer different standards of builders clean to tailor to the many different types of projects, and ever expanding needs of the client. Common inclusions that a builders clean covers are:

  • The removal of all packaging, rubbish and debris leftover from the build, and removing them offsite. 
  • Cleaning any bathrooms, including the showers, baths, and surrounding areas, removing any paint, grout, and dust from any of the bathroom fixtures and fittings.
  • Toilets and basins are cleaned thoroughly to ensure that they are sparkling clean, and dust free. 
  • The kitchen appliances will be cleaned on the outside and the inside. This usually includes the dishwasher, stove, microwave, and refrigerator.
  • Splashbacks and kitchen benches and countertops will be wiped down to ensure that there’s no evidence of dust, paint or marks. 
  • All skirting boards, stairs and rails are wiped down and cleaned, particularly as these are some of the most prone areas to dust thanks to their high traffic presence. 
  • All the floors in the building are methodically cleaned, which includes vacuuming, followed by mopping, and even buffing or polishing when required. 
  • Air vents, doors, walls, window sills, windows, handles and tracks are cleaned thoroughly to ensure that they are finger print free. 
  • Fixtures and fittings will be cleaned and wiped down, which include cupboards, light shades, light fittings, taps, vents, toilet-roll holders, and pantries.
  • All the mirrors and glass surfaces are thoroughly cleaned, making sure no fingerprints or dust is left behind. 
  • If applicable, all furniture is cleaned and in position ready for inspection. Some providers may even offer steam cleaning services. 

In short, a thorough builders clean is one step further than a labourers clean, but more intensive than that of a bond clean or sale clean. It’s a crucial component of presenting the final product to clients who have often been waiting months to see their vision come to life – but where can you find a reputable provider of such a service?

Sourcing A Sunshine Coast Builders Clean Provider 

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