Hygiene in the workplace is more important than ever before – so as a business, what are your options for commercial cleaning Sunshine Coast solutions?

It’s no secret that Queensland is experiencing an interstate migration boom. The global pandemic has changed the way we work, live and play, and when compared to our southern neighbours, Queenslanders have had it relatively lax in terms of lockdowns and social distancing restrictions. Judging on the state of the local real estate market alone, the Sunshine Coast is one of the state’s key regions that is thriving despite the pandemic.

However, certain precautions need to be taken in order to keep it that way. On top of the standard cleaning practices that every business usually abides by, such as vacuuming and dusting, commercial cleaning Sunshine Coast based providers is also relevant when it comes to keeping local businesses at their best when it comes to hygiene and health precautions. As a business owner, you might also want to be able to impress clients with your office or workplace, maintain property value, and keep everyone on task instead of worrying about a mess, which is where the services of a commercial cleaner can be invaluable.


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An Introduction To Commercial Cleaning 

If you’re debating if hiring a commercial cleaning Sunshine Coast based provider is a good idea for your business, then it’s important to understand what they generally do and do not offer. Services will depend on the time they have, such as daily, weekly or even monthly visits to your workplace to take care of the tasks that need tackling. 

Based on the individual needs of your brand or business, a commercial cleaner is generally considered to be an upgrade from a residential one, and generally performs the following duties. 

  • Vacuum and mop all floor surfaces (employing professional hard floor cleaning equipment is also an option for large spaces, such as floorings in shopping malls). 
  • Dust and polish furniture tops, chairs, office equipment, picture frames, mirrors, glass cabinets and displays, bannisters, window sills, shelves, etc.
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture, curtains, blinds and when requested, conduct steam cleaning or commercial grade treatments. 
  • Thoroughly clean office and commercial kitchens, cooking appliances, dishes, cups and cutlery, and even long ignored fridges. 
  • Sanitise toilets and washroom facilities, empty bins and replace bin bags, not missing a single ‘nook or cranny’ to ensure the highest possible grade of hygiene 
  • Water plants and clean outdoor areas such as lunch break facilities, waiting areas and even work in conjunction with garden maintenance if required. 

Needless to say, not all workplaces are the same. The work conducted by a commercial cleaner will vary depending on the nature of the business in question, as medical clinics, corporate offices, and bars and restaurants will all have varying needs and ‘checklists’ required to address their individual cleaning requirements. 

Regardless of the industry or sector in which your business resides, the services of a commercial cleaner has more merits than just a sparkling workplace, with just a handful of the benefits including – 

Employee Productivity – If you rely on your employees to keep your workplace clean, it’s important that you don’t pay them to empty a bin or do the washing up. In turn, dealing with these tasks takes valuable time away from their day to complete work directly linked to their terms of employment, which will detract from their overall productivity.

Boost Company Culture – Keeping a clean office or workplace is good for both you and your staff members, and science can prove it. Physical clutter can often translate to mental clutter, so having a spick and span business hub is not only better for the morale of your staff, but it also helps to ensure that your customers, clients and visitors get the same ‘wow’ factor. 

Cost Effective For The Long Term – A regularly cleaned and well-maintained office or workplace  can save business owners thousands of dollars on repair and replacement costs all through taking the relevant precautions when it comes to extending the life of fixtures and fittings present. Thus, investing in a commercial cleaner quickly pays for itself. 

However, if you’re on the hunt for a commercial cleaning Sunshine Coast based provider, it can be tricky to separate the good from the bad. Ideally, partnering with a locally owned and operated enterprise will ensure that your commercial cleaning provider produces work of the highest quality as if you’re not happy, neither are they – but where do you find a provider such as this?

Sourcing A Commercial Cleaning Sunshine Coast Based Provider

While your options are certainly vast for commercial cleaning Sunshine Coast based providers, partnering with a local small business not only benefits our region, but also ensures streamlined communication and high quality services provided. Quite simply, this is exactly why Sunshine Coast Cleans are committed to performing our services with the utmost attention to detail, in the shortest possible time period. We have earned a strong reputation for being a consistent provider of high quality, reliable and detailed commercial cleaning, and have every intention of keeping it that way. 

Our commercial cleaning team members know their stuff, and have a number of years of experience working with a wide variety of local businesses, offices and enterprises in a number of sectors such as healthcare, hospitality and administration. Business owners no longer need to worry about eliminating dust, dirt and germs from their workplaces, as Sunshine Coast Cleans use all of our own highly specialised tools, products and treatments to ensure that thorough commercial grade cleans are conducted in a discreet and efficient manner every time. Our team members all go through the necessary police checks before undertaking commercial cleaning jobs, to make sure that our clients get the best stress free cleaning experience possible while we take care of the work. 

To request a quote for our commercial cleaning services available or request further details on what types of cleaning solutions we offer, please get in touch with us today to discuss how our locally based team can solve your commercial cleaning conundrums.