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A Cleaning Company Guide On Items At Home That Get The Dirtiest

Keeping your house clean is important because it affects your comfort levels, just ask nearly any cleaning company. However, there are things in the home that need more attention because they tend to get really dirty, yet go unnoticed. These are the appliances that are put off because they’re not “visibly bothersome,” but they can quickly turn into a breeding ground of germs and bacteria. In some cases, these are things that homeowners don’t know can accumulate so much dirt quickly. 

Sunshine Coast Cleans have compiled five items at home that tend to get the filthiest:

1. Oven 

Your oven is something extremely useful, as it’s one of the essential things in your kitchen. Yet, it’s also one of the things you need to pay closer attention to because it tends to get dirty quickly. Cleaning it isn’t exactly the most glamorous chore in the world, but it’s necessary. Regularly cleaning your oven improves the quality of the food you cook in it, as the aromas of any grease or dirt could influence your meals. 

While you can always use the self-cleaning function of the oven, it’s still better to clean it manually, or to get the help of a cleaning company. You can use the classic baking soda and vinegar, or you can use store-bought cleaners to remove all the grime. Just make sure to get into all the grooves, and dry it thoroughly. 

2. Fan

Whether or not you use your fans frequently, they are a huge magnet for dust and dirt. The thing is, cleaning fans can be a bit tricky because they need to be taken apart to really get in there, especially if it’s a stand fan. You can make it easier by using a vacuum cleaner nozzle that can direct the flow of air to particular areas of the fan. You can also prevent dust accumulation by covering the fan with a plastic bag when not in use. 

3. Window Tracks

Window tracks are the space behind your window sill that hold your window in place and prevent breeze from coming in. They may seem like a low-maintenance part of your home, but if you look closely, you may notice that there’s so much dust and dirt build-up. Not only is it unsightly, but the dirt may lead to problems with how you open and close windows. The good news is they’re easy to clean—all you need is water, white vinegar, a few drops of dish soap, and an old toothbrush. Scrub the tracks with the solution and brush, and for stubborn spots, you can use a toothpick.

4. Shower Curtains and Screens

Since shower curtains and screens are often exposed to water daily, they can accumulate mould and mildew rather quickly. For this reason, you must wash them regularly to keep them free from mildew. You can throw in the curtains in the washing machine, while screens can be cleaned using a squeegee or microfibre cloth after you shower.

5. Walls

Whether it’s painted, papered, or panelled, the walls in your home can get dirty real quick due to dust and smudges. Luckily, you don’t need special supplies or high-tech equipment to get the job done. In fact, just a few household items would suffice. You can use soft clothes, hand or dish soap, water, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide to start scrubbing grimy walls. A quick tip from an expert cleaning company; if you need to do some dusting, use a vacuum cleaner to easily eliminate dust build-up.


A Guide From A Cleaning Company Concluded

Nobody wants a dirty home, and even if you clean every area, know that various items around tend to accumulate more dirt. Because of this, if you’re going to keep your house clean, pay closer attention to the appliances and items mentioned above and maintain their cleanliness! 

If you do not have the time to handle your home cleaning, it’s always best to depend on an expert cleaning company. At Sunshine Coast Cleans, we offer professional cleaning services for residential and commercial properties in the Sunshine Coast area. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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