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A Quick Guide to Bond Cleaning Before Moving Out

If you’ve reached the end of your lease and you’re planning to move out instead of renewing your contract, bond cleaning is a crucial part of recovering your bond money. Besides focusing on packing your belongings and taking care of the necessary documents, ensuring the condition of your Sunshine Coast rental property is as it was when you moved in is essential.

It’s only integral to clean the house from top to bottom to prepare it for the next potential occupant once you leave for good. When you make an effort to maintain the upkeep of the place you considered your home for the past few years, you don’t have to worry about losing any of your bond money.

Although you can’t expect to restore everything perfectly to the way it was, you can do your best to make the home or apartment you’re renting look close to it, this is where the help of a reputable bond cleaning company like Sunshine Coast Cleans come in.

How to Initiate Bond Cleaning

Depending on which state you’re in, you will have to adhere to various rules regarding cleaning your rental property in hopes of acquiring your entire bond deposit. In most cases, if you wish to receive your money in full amount, you should vacate your place in a reasonable state.

It will greatly help if you keep a cleaning checklist to remind you of all the areas of your home and the things you need to do before the day you move out, preventing you from stressing too much. If the property owner indicates in your agreement before you rented out the place that you’re supposed to hire professional cleaners, you have to follow the rules.

However, if they only require you to ensure the place is well-cleaned and maintained, you can skip the hiring process and take on the cleaning tasks independently. For example, if you had pets with you during your stay, then it would be best to hire experts to deep clean carpets and furniture.


When to Hire Professional Cleaners

Since your priority involves keeping the rental property in a reasonable condition before you’re allowed to move out with your bond money in hand, you can often go through certain situations. It’s hard to prevent dirty floors and carpeting, and scraped walls and surfaces.

Fortunately, they don’t always involve permanent damage and can still be fixed, so long as you know what to do or who to work with to come to the rescue. After all, nothing is permanent, and both you and the owner of the property should expect some things to show signs of wear and tear over years of use. 

An example of fair wear and tear that you shouldn’t consider your fault is seeing cracks forming in the walls. Meanwhile, permanent damage—which you need to address—includes holes in the walls due to the nails and pins you attached during your occupancy. That’s why it’s integral to go through a cleaning checklist to ensure you don’t overlook anything before leaving.

Your Bond Cleaning Guide Concluded

Depending on your agreement with your landlord before occupying a rental property, you may not be required to hire professional cleaners to help you with bond cleaning. Although it’s still an excellent idea to leave the work to cleaning specialists to ensure you receive the total amount of your bond deposit. Remember that you must also know the difference between the risks a property can go through that involve expected wear and tear and permanent damage to help you address what’s necessary accordingly. 

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