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A Crash Course In Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet goes through a lot of traffic and activities every day—kids running to different parts of your home, your dogs running straight to your living space from the yard and you’ve probably had a bunch of guests over for dinner. All of these have made your carpet dirty, but sometimes, it’s not even that obvious. So the big question here is: how and when are you supposed to think about carpet cleaning?

Some homeowners are too embarrassed to ask their family and friends when and how often they should clean their carpet. For this reason, some would get professional cleaning services in Sunshine Coast for assistance in getting the job done.

But if you’re curious and want to know when and how often you should clean your carpets, keep reading; Sunshine Coast Cleans have got you covered. Here’s the ultimate carpet cleaning crash course that you never thought you needed!

When you have kids at home

Having tiny humans running around your home can sometimes turn into a chaotic event when juice spills from their cups, tiny crumbs from crackers fall on the floor or when they run straight into your home from a muddy adventure from the park.

Because of all these activities, it’s essential to clean high-traffic carpets every 6-12 months and have them professionally cleaned at least once a year.

When you have pets

One of the biggest reasons you should clean your carpet is if you have furry friends living with you at home. This is because your pets often bring muddy footprints, they shed some fur and sometimes, they might even find comfort on your carpet to do their toilet business.

To deal with this, it’s best to vacuum your carpet at least twice a week to eliminate any hair, dander and debris that are stuck on your carpet. Besides that, you must clean high-traffic carpet areas every 3-6 months and get a professional cleaning service twice a year.

When a family member has allergies

You might want to consider cleaning your carpets thoroughly and more often if you have members in your household who have allergies. This is because carpet fibres work as a filter, and for this reason, they can collect dust, debris and allergens floating in your living space.

Once there’s much dust and allergens collected, it can become airborne when someone walks in the area and triggers allergy attacks. For this reason, it’s best to vacuum your carpet once a week and get professional cleaning services on the Sunshine Coast, such as Sunshine Coast Cleans, to help thoroughly wash and clean your carpet.

When you have light-coloured carpets

One of the best ways to brighten up a room is with a light-coloured carpet. However, these carpets are susceptible to dirt and stains and may need more frequent professional cleaning.

To maintain your light-coloured carpets, it’s best to get them vacuumed once a week. You must also clean stains and spills immediately. As for professional cleaning services, hire experts to clean your carpet every 6-12 months.


Why you should hire a professional carpet cleaning company to deep-clean your carpets

You’re probably wondering why you need to invest in cleaning services. Here’s why:

  • Expert cleaners will know the right tricks to make sure to clean your carpet deep between its fibres, making sure to eliminate all dirt particles and allergens living in its crevices.
  • They’ll use specific treatments and equipment to remove all the dirt, bacteria, stains and odour. Besides that, your carpets will smell good!
  • By getting your carpets professionally cleaned, you’re extending the life of your carpets.

Our Carpet Cleaning Crash Course In Conclusion

Now that you know how often you should clean your carpet, it’s time to mark your calendars and figure out when you should start cleaning your home. With the help of professional cleaning services in Sunshine Coast, you, your family and furry friends will begin to live comfortably knowing your carpets are well-taken care of.

If you’re looking for professional cleaning services in Sunshine Coast, check out Sunshine Coast Cleans. We provide excellent cleaning services for homes, business facilities and institutions using only the best machines and products for your space. Learn more about our services today!

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