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How A Bond Clean Can Get You Your Money Back

When the day comes that your rental period of the property you’ve been living in for a while ends, you can often go through a rollercoaster of events that could often feel stressful. If you aren’t renewing your contract anymore, you will need to look for a new place while ensuring you take care of the moving out process accordingly, especially when it come to the bond clean.

One of the essential rules to leaving a rental place is guaranteeing it looks close to how it did before you moved in, which means it has to be clean, well-organized, and free from damage. Since you deposited a bond at the beginning of your tenancy, you can only expect to get it back once your landlord or property manager initiates their last inspection of the rental place. Using a reputable cleaning company like Sunshine Coast Cleans for your bond clean will get you closer to seeing your bond money again,

Bonds typically involve a significant sum of money, so if you wish to get the full amount back, you must make sure the property is in a reasonable condition before you leave. If you want to regain your security deposit, keep reading below to find out what you need to do to receive your rental bond back.


You Should Prioritise Property Condition Reports

Every time a renter addresses a rental property’s bond, your landlord or property manager will provide you with an original copy of the condition report of the place. It involves what the property looks like before you decide to move in and begin your rental period.

Once you plan to move out, you have to provide an exit condition report during the final days of your tenancy to show what the property looks like now. The document includes photos and video as evidence showing if things remain the same while leaving out the expected wear and tear of some regions of the rental property.

Condition reports are integral to successfully leave your rental home or apartment without issues because it shows tangible proof that you did your best to keep everything the same. When you keep track of your documents, you can quickly go back to them for reference.  

You Should Hire Professionals for Your Bond Clean

Once you begin packing all your stuff, you can expect your rental property to be dirty and messy, and since you have other priorities to attend to, you may not be free to watch over everything. That’s where professional cleaners come into the picture to take over your space.

They will check your previous condition report to know what cleaning techniques they must do to keep the real estate property similar to before. If you wish to take back the bond money in full, the state of the house or apartment must adhere to the rules provided at the beginning of the tenancy.

Cleaning the rental property before you move out requires more than just standard methods. As such, hiring professionals is necessary because they know to tackle the property from top to bottom and leave no stone unturned, ensuring you receive the bond money you desire.

You Should Strive to Claim the Bond Accordingly

You can expect to retrieve your bond through Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) once a landlord performs their final inspection. The amount that will be refunded will depend on the parties involved that signed the lease at the start of your tenancy.

The government of Queensland offers RTA a free service to help individuals with their concerns regarding residential tenancy bonds. Before nearing the end of your tenancy, you should submit your claim so your landlord or manager receives it via email and responds within two weeks. Once they accept, you can finally acquire your refund in the next two days.

Bond Cleans Concluded

No tenant wants to get an incomplete rental bond, especially if it involves a considerable amount of money. If you wish to get all the cash you deposited back, you must make sure to take care of the rental property the whole time you’re living there. During the end of your tenancy, you should prioritise condition reports, hire professionals for bond cleaning, and strive to claim the bond properly.

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