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Quick Tips on Maintaining Furniture From a Reputable Cleaning Company

Despite being careful with your furniture, they eventually will get dirty and messy from daily use, especially when you have kids or pets. To make sure that your upholstered furniture stays clean and well-maintained, here are a few quick tips from the experts of a cleaning company.   

If you’re seeking tips on ways to extend the lifespan of your furniture, check out these tips from the cleaning company experts, Sunshine Coast Cleans to help keep your furniture maintained.

Don’t Let Dirt Accumulate for Too Long

Next to the bed, couches and sofas are probably the more commonly used furniture in our homes. It’s only natural that it gets dirty in a short span of time. You will accumulate dirt, dust, oily hand marks and food and drink stains from slight spillages or accidents.

Home cleaning can become a burden if you let all the dirt accumulate for a whole week. In that case, a general tip is to try and clean any mess right away. Furniture made of leather, pleather and nonporous material may use a good daily wet and then dry-wipe with your favourite surface-safe liquid cleaners, or just plain slightly watered clean cloth will help maintain its natural sheen. 

For deep-seated stain, use white vinegar and water mixture that you can slightly spray over dirty furniture with light patting and wiping action to protect most fabric or leather surfaces. Vinegar is a handy, common home disinfectant and cleaner, and it also removes slight odours.


Apply Cleaning Solutions to Get Rid of Smell 

Having your windows open and even an exhaust system in place may not be enough to eliminate strong food smells and fumes from gas or paint. Sometimes, these smells will latch onto fabric-covered furniture and its accompanying accessories like pillows. Not to mention the sweat smell and stains that we could leave on furniture!

You can use any commercially available cleaning solutions to eliminate the smell. However, be careful when picking one because some products may leave weird artificial odours on your furniture. And they’re not all eco-friendly and may not be safe if you’re living with kids and pets. In this case, you can always call a professional cleaning company like Sunshine Coast Cleans to help you.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner or Lint Remover for Pet Hair

Just as we contribute to dirtier furniture, our furry friends also do. They have pet hairs, pet food messes, muddy paws, saliva, mouth odours from play biting, and even the occasional pet rubbish for different types of pets. 

Some of these are easy to clean using a vacuum, but those that have embedded and stayed on your fabric couches and chairs may need hot water extraction treatment or other thorough house cleaning services.

Final Tips From An Accomplished Cleaning Company

Our everyday activities can contribute to how long our prized furniture lasts. Doing a regular cleaning can always help keep them tidy and smelling fresh. However, not all people have the time to do that. 

That’s when Sunshine Coast Cleans comes in. We offer a wide range of professional cleaning services. We have you covered whether you need general house cleaning or bond cleaning services to fulfil your tenant duties. Nothing is too dirty or smelly for us. Call us and get real clean furniture now.

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