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The Most Important Things You Need to Ask Your Bond Cleaner

As you well know, receiving your bond money depends heavily on how well your bond clean, or end of lease clean goes. There are plenty of options—you can do it yourself, get some help, or hire professionals. While hiring a bond cleaning company like Sunshine Coast Cleans is probably the best way to get your bond money back, how do you know which one is the right one?

You need to choose a company with experience and skills. Your deposit relies on it. So how do you find the perfect cleaners? The best thing you can do is ask the right questions to ensure that the company you’re hiring is the best fit for your budget and needs.

Here are the most critical questions you need to ask end of lease cleaning companies:

How Many Years Have You Been in the Cleaning Industry?

The first thing you need to know is whether they have the experience to avoid any mistakes that can lead to a rental dispute. Make sure that the company you hire has at least five years of experience in the industry. This means that they probably have experience with various properties and are informed of how best to clean them. 

You’ll know they are professionals based on how they handle this job and how they deal with you. They can take care of your specific needs and help ensure that you pass the rental inspection with flying colours. 

What is Included in Your Bond Cleaning Service?

Every cleaning company has different definitions and criteria when it comes to how they clean. You must ask them what other services are included in their bond cleaning package. You don’t want to hire a cleaning company, fully expecting “good as new” results only to be disappointed. 

Some companies separate carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning, which you will need to ensure that your property is back or as close as it can be to its original state. Additionally, this plays into your budget. 

The cleaning company might end up doing everything you asked of them, but at the end of the day, you get stuck with a higher bill than you expected because of extra charges for extra services. 

To avoid this, ask for a detailed breakdown of what exactly their services entail.

What Kind of Products Do You Use?

These days it’s also important that you are aware of the products cleaners use for their services. Not only does this concern the environment, but it also matters what type of products are used on your property. Of course, this is something that you can discuss with them once they’re hired, but it might help to narrow down your search if you already know what they’re working with. 

Are your Cleaners Insured and Fully Licensed?

One of the biggest concerns when hiring outsourced cleaners is whether they’re insured and fully licensed. Anything can happen. Should there be any accidents during the cleaning process, you may be held liable for damages. Asking this beforehand ensures that you won’t have to worry about damages or accidents caused during the cleaning. Not only that, trained professionals are unlikely to commit such errors. 



You should ask a cleaning company these questions before you hire anyone for the job. Hiring a company without doing your due diligence can result in you losing all or part of your bond money. Most reliable companies will be happy to answer any questions you may have. From that alone, you can already start shortlisting and narrowing down your search. A good cleaning company will be able to satisfy your curiosity and quiet your concerns.

Remember, there are plenty of resources available for tenants, including Tenants Queensland which offer a Queensland wide tenant advice service.

If you are in the process of moving out of a rental property, it’s best to let professionals help you. Sunshine Coast Cleans is one of the best professional cleaning services on the Sunshine Coast, guaranteed to leave any property spotless. If you require bond cleaning services, we are right here and ready to serve you! 

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