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Moving Out: 3 Steps for a Successful Bond Clean

Once you reach the end of your property’s lease, you’re obligated to perform several tasks, one being the dreaded bond clean. Besides handling your paperwork and closing your bills, you also need to leave the unit or property in its original condition. This means collecting all of your personal furniture and performing a bond clean.

Here are three steps to a successful bon clean, outlined by the reputable cleaning company, Sunshine Coast Cleans.

Performing A Bond Clean

Bond cleaning, or end-of-lease cleaning, requires you to restore your leased property to its original condition. Since you’ll need your landlord’s confirmation of the restored state, your cleaning efforts need to match the requirements of your contract’s clauses. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of costly delays to your relocation plans.

If you want to leave your leased property in good condition, follow this three-step guide for bond cleaning:


Step #1: Segment Your Tasks

You need to account for bond cleaning by segmenting it into different tasks. Doing so gives you time to plan and evaluate how much time you need or what resources or tools you’ll use.

Remember that moving your personal belongings and furnishings is the best way to perform bond cleaning. Although you can keep these items in your moving boxes, it can still be problematic to clean space with tons of boxes lying around. For this reason, it’s necessary to contact your moving company before performing bond cleaning. Afterwards, strategically organise your cleaning tasks, from vacuuming carpets to tidying ceilings and wall spaces. Don’t forget to clean nooks and crannies that can hide dust and signs of property damage.

Step #2: Confirm Your Leasing Contract

Part of why you need to perform bond cleaning is to get your initial deposit set under your bond money. This is the fund your landlord takes if you leave the leased unit or property with damages. Getting your bond money back will depend on how well you can clean your living spaces.

Getting your bond money depends on the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA)’s response, filling the Bond Claim form, and matching the payee signature with your landlord’s Bond Lodgement or Tenant Transfer form. After meeting all these requirements, you may get your bond money within two days to two weeks.

Keep in mind that your bond cleaning’s scope will depend on the obligations assigned in your landlord’s contract. Knowing these clauses will prevent you from performing or being liable to additional cleaning tasks beyond your responsibilities as a leaving tenant.

Step #3: Finalise Your Cleaning Checklist

Once you’re fully aware of your responsibilities as tenants, you can now strategically organise a checklist for bond cleaning. Remember to go over different areas of the house in order. This prevents you from wasting time and being inefficient in your work. Don’t forget to put the hardest to clean rooms for last so that you won’t be too tired too quickly. Before you start cleaning, check if you’ll need to buy any tools or hire any contractors who can make the job easier for you.

Bond Clean Step-By-Step Guide Concluded

Most people’s idea of leaving a property is focused on preparing to move to pack their things and moving to a new place. However, that doesn’t mean you should undermine the importance of settling your dues. Keeping things in order, especially with your landlord, is vital to avoid any unnecessary additional expenses. Since you already have a complete set of tasks on your plate, you can outsource contractors to fulfil some of your chores when moving out. This includes hiring professional cleaning experts to perform bond cleaning for you.

At Sunshine Coast Cleans, our team is ready to assist your moving out tasks. With the proper training and expertise for residential and commercial bond cleaning, we’ll ensure that you leave on good terms with your landlord. If you’re looking for quick and efficient bond cleaners in Sunshine Coast, contact us for scheduling today!

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