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Tips From A Cleaning Company You Should Know About Bond Cleaning

The real estate industry is up and running, and the number of places to rent and purchase keep increasing. So if you have a renter who’s about to say goodbye to their unit, it’s best to let them know that bond cleaning is crucial to their exit routine. 

Seeing as real estate agents, renters, and homebuyers have set high standards when choosing a home, it’s best to ensure that your place is on the top of their list. A great way to show that they can start a new life in your space is by providing them with a clean, blank canvas through bond cleaning. 

Bond cleaning is a tough job, and it requires different equipment and skills to get the job done. Because of this, it’s best to hire experienced bond cleaners like Sunshine Coast Cleans to ensure that every nook and cranny of your space is addressed and cleaned. 

From steaming carpets to ensure your bathroom is free from mould, professional cleaners will flip your home to ensure that it’s sparkly clean. 

What You Should Know About Bond Cleaning

Tip #1: Steaming Removes Carpet Residue

One of the most critical elements to clean in your home are carpets, especially if this is the chosen flooring of your unit. Most people think that vacuuming your carpets would suffice, but sadly, there is some dirt and grime left in its fibres that need to be taken out. 

Bond cleaners will have powerful steam cleaning equipment that can help clean out your rugs and carpets. These tools will employ hot water vapour to help lift stains and grimes from your carpet fibres, leaving no room for residue. 

Besides that, you’re keeping your space clean from allergens that could trigger health conditions for the next tenant.

Tip #2: Easy DIY Cleaning Products Can Be Used

Although bond cleaners will have some products and chemicals that they’ll use to clean your space, you’d be surprised to know that bond cleaners are pretty handy and would also use some home products to clean your space. 

For example, cornstarch is a great way to clean windows, glass doors, and mirrors and even provide some shine. This is a safer and more cost-efficient method of cleaning glass items in your home. 

On the other hand, removing fingerprints involves using olive oil and rubbing it on the affected area to bring back its shine. 


Tip #3: Clean from Top to Bottom

Bond cleaners will always clean everything from top to bottom and not the other way around. This tip can come in handy even when you’re cleaning your space yourself. This is because all the dust and dirt from your ceiling fixtures will fall to your flooring, allowing you to do one big sweep when it’s time to clean your carpets and hardwood floors. 

With that, start bar cleaning your ceiling fan, your light fixtures, windows, blinds, cabinets, and then doors. Moving forward, you can begin cleaning your flooring and carpets!

Tip #4: Deep Clean Your Bathroom

Seeing as a bathroom is a sacred space, you want to ensure that you leave it clean for the next renter. With that being said, bond cleaners will do an effective job in eliminating grime and mould from the space, ensuring your bathroom is back to its squeaky clean form. 

The Bottom Line: Before Your Renter Leaves, Ensure They Get Bond Cleaning Services

As mentioned earlier, more and more people are looking for new spaces to start a new chapter of their life. And if your renter is leaving and you’re looking for a new tenant to fill up space, ensure that you leave it nice and clean for them. Fortunately, professional bond cleaners can help you with this, so it’s best to work with a reliable team. 

How Can Sunshine Coast Cleans Help You With Your Bond Cleaning?

Although many enjoy cleaning their homes and commercial spaces, it’s always best to leave it in the hands of cleaning professionals like Sunshine Coast Cleans. 

We provide professional cleaning services, from bond cleaning to builders cleans, carpet cleaning to flea and pest cleaning — we’ve got you covered. 

Are you looking for bond cleaners on the Sunshine Coast? Give us a call today!

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