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The Origins Of The Spring Clean

The days are getting longer, the mornings warmer, and it’s time to get started on your annual spring clean – but where exactly did this concept originate from? 

By definition, the humble spring clean is used to describe an annual and thorough domestic dressing down of your entire home. Room by room and top to bottom, the idea is to give every corner of a property a good scrub.

A thorough cleanup usually includes areas you don’t clean on a regular basis, such as beneath carpets and furnishings, on top of bookshelves, and of course, the dreaded oven. To spring clean means to clean up dirt from your ceiling, wiping and dusting off every surface and furnishing unit, decluttering and throwing away what you don’t need. As such, it’s easy to understand why most people only tackle it once a year – but who’s idea was it to do it at the turn of the season?


The History Of Spring Cleaning Explained

It may sound far-fetched to link a spring clean to an age-old practice to religious and cultural traditions, but that’s exactly where spring cleaning as we know it is thought to have come from. Some even go so far as to suggest that it’s even rooted in our very biology. 

Also known as the Persian New Year, Nowruz is a significant day that coincidentally also falls on or around the first day of spring in this part of the world. Many Iranians still practice “khooneh tekouni” – or quite literally “shaking the house” prior to Nowruz. This ritual house clean up is what many consider to be the prototype of spring cleaning, where the entire home is thoroughly wiped and polished. This ancient tradition even comes with a change in clothing, as well as various post winter repairs. Nowruz festivities take place for two weeks, with Iranians often visiting each other’s homes to ‘inspect’ while celebrating. 

On the other hand, another possibility linked to the origins of the spring clean dates back to ancient Jewish culture, which involved thoroughly ‘cleansing’ the house prior to the spring Passover festival. With strict religious rules linked to food consumption as a means to commemorate and remember the Jews hasty exit from Egypt following their captivity, practicing Jews conduct a ‘spring clean’ to rid the house of crumbs and food scraps by candlelight on the evening before Passover begins. 

On the other side of the world, China also has its own spring cleaning practices. Prior to celebrating Chinese New Year, the essence of this tradition more or less encourages cleaning bad luck and misfortune out of your home, along with tossing out any rubbish or broken household goods to align with the ideal Feng Shui practices. Ultimately, just about every culture around the world seems to have one form of annual deep clean, and usually one that is conducted just before a major holiday or celebration. 

However, many would argue that we are biologically programmed to conduct our own spring cleans after winter, when our brains produce less melatonin, otherwise known as the ‘sleepy chemical’. Melatonin levels are bound to the amount and frequency of sunlight exposure we get, which is of course lower during the cooler months. As such, the more time we spend outside, the less we produce the hormone of sleepiness – it’s almost as if our bodies are gearing up to give our homes a face lift. 

Sourcing The Professionals For A Spring Clean 

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