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The Perks Of Working As A Cleaner

Although it’s a career path that’s often underestimated or overlooked, working as a cleaner has more than it’s fair share of surprising perks and benefits.  

In today’s economy, the commercial cleaning industry in Australia is currently worth a staggering $12 billion, with the total revenue generated expected to increase at a rate of 4.1% annually over the next five years. The industry recorded exponential revenue growth due to an increase in the number of businesses, and that’s not even including the services provided through residential cleaning. 

A comparison of the Australian cleaning market to the global situation shows that our productivity levels as professional cleaners actually rank as some of the highest in the world. In Australia, the average for commercial sites is eight hundred square metres per hour. In comparison, this same calculation sits at an average of four hundred square metres per hour, and slightly higher in most European countries. 

The Australian rates have been achieved not by a reduction in industry standards or practices, but instead via a sector wide uptake of training on every level as a means to improve the quality of staff members by professional cleaning companies, along with giving staff retention rates a boost too. 


Five Reasons To Consider Working As A Cleaner 

Statistics also indicate that the commercial cleaning industry employs about 157,864 people nationwide. As more start up businesses enter the market, it is expected that the cleaning industry will become a key employer in the next few years. 

Despite popular stereotypes, many people have taken up cleaning as a profession by choice thanks to the wide variety of benefits associated with working in this industry. While the attraction often varies, many people who work in the cleaning industry have identified the following factors as perks linked to this type of job. 

There’s Always Work – Even in the age of the robo-vacuum, the cleaning industry isn’t one that’s likely to go out of business anytime soon. From real estate agents, construction sites and even ordinary people who don’t have the time or the energy spare, there will simply always be a need for a cleaner in a wide variety of industries, sectors and settings in Australia. 

Improved Fitness – Make no mistake, working as a cleaner is a world away from having a desk job. While the tasks undertaken by a professional cleaner may seem like a chore to many, it’s actually an opportunity for cardiovascular exercise and to boost your overall fitness levels while getting paid for it. In a nutshell, it’s a job that kills two birds with one stone. 

Employment Flexibility – Due to the nature of the tasks performed and the unique and individual needs of their diverse collection of clients, many cleaning companies are all too happy to provide flexible working conditions for their staff members. Some professional cleaners only work as little as two hours a week, while others prefer full time hours to match their lifestyles. 

Health Awareness – Whether we like it or not, we live in an era where hygiene and cleanliness has arguably never been more important. Rookie cleaning professionals are quickly educated on the best practices and industry standards when it comes to what is defined as commercial grade cleaning, and can in turn deploy it in their own everyday lives outside of work. 

Job Satisfaction – There’s nothing quite like the feeling of seeing a happy customer after they’ve viewed your work, and thanked you for the services that you’ve directly provided. Commercial and residential cleaners often meet people from all walks of life that they may not usually encounter, and the same diversity applies to their colleagues too. 

Working as a cleaner has also proved to be a popular side hustle for many people, particularly given the current underemployment crisis that Australia is grappling with. People aren’t working as many hours as they would like to at their primary job, so are getting creative when it comes to sourcing more income. As such, picking up hours as a commercial cleaner is also a growing trend thanks to the above workplace perks as well. 

Sourcing Cleaning Professionals On The Sunshine Coast 

While your options are certainly vast for Sunshine Coast commercial cleaning providers, partnering with a local small business not only benefits our region, but also ensures streamlined communication and high quality services provided. Quite simply, this is exactly why Sunshine Coast Cleans are committed to performing our services with the utmost attention to detail, in the shortest possible time period. We have earned a strong reputation for being a consistent provider of high quality, reliable and detailed commercial cleaning, and have every intention of keeping it that way. 

Business owners no longer need to worry about eliminating dust, dirt and germs from their workplaces, as Sunshine Coast Cleans use all of our own highly specialised tools, products and treatments to ensure that thorough commercial grade cleans are conducted in a discreet and efficient manner every time. 

To request a quote for our available cleaning services or request further details on what types of cleaning solutions we offer, please get in touch with us today to discuss how our locally based team can solve your commercial cleaning conundrums. 

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