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What is a Builders Clean?

What is a ‘Builders Clean’ and how does it benefit you?

With the increasing renovation of houses, a clear need for cleaning jobs has emerged for builders. No matter the size of the project, or if you have the most trained builders, there will always be dirt and dust  that will get into even the most unlikely places in the construction site.

Construction cleaning or ‘Builders clean’ is designed as a necessary action to make in order to ensure intensive cleaning of the premises after all construction work has been completed. This is definitely the key to effective cleaning.

It is never a good idea to do the cleaning every time construction work is on-going, since it’ll ruin and slow down  the construction project process. It’s worth setting it aside a few days after finishing the last job so that all the dust settles ultimately, and let the experts at Sunshine Coast Cleans get in to every corner!

The two different types of builders clean are:

1. Initial Clean

This is the very first part of construction cleaning services. This includes the removal of every rubbish, dust, and debris from the site. It is the primary process whenever you avail professional construction cleaning services.

2. Final Detailed Clean

This is where the most intricate cleaning process happens. It involves specific cleaning of areas and everything in the construction site. A final detailed cleaning session sets your construction project apart from that of other builders. It’s designed mainly to make your construction site professionally clean, presentable, and free from dust, debris, and rubbish.


What does it include?

At Sunshine Coast Cleans, our professional cleaners are highly trained and use the latest equipment and technology to do the best job possible.

Areas that are cleaned include:

  • Carpets and floors
  • Roof window
  • Windowsills and baseboards
  • Dust and dirt removal
  • Odour removal

Why should you choose a Sunshine Coast builders clean?

We know that there are often deadlines involved in home renovations or projects. With professional cleaners, you can be sure that they will work quickly and efficiently. Most importantly, they can get the job done right the first time.

Who can benefit from it?

Whether in a home or commercial environment, both can benefit from clean construction.

This could include:

  • Homeowners
  • Private builders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Real estate developers
  • Project managers
  • Restoration companies

If you are interested in having a home builder perform cleaning with professional and experienced cleaners and would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact Sunshine Coast Cleans! We are always happy to welcome you and give you the answers that you need about this type of service!

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