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What A Builders Clean Means For You And Your Home

As true professionals, home construction and renovation experts typically will have no issues completing activities related to the building. However, these professionals tend to neglect a key factor: cleaning up after the renovation or construction – this is where a builders clean comes in.

To be fair, construction companies do some cleaning up after each project. However, since cleaning is not their expertise, there may still be waste materials, and dirt particles present that they weren’t able to tackle. 

Thankfully, there are cleaning companies like Sunshine Coast Cleans that have builders clean as part of their arsenal. In this way, properties that have just been renovated or newly constructed can have their cleanliness ensured. 

Read on for what to expect in a builders clean when it comes to homes:

It Makes the Bedroom More Comfortable

Consider your bedroom your sanctuary, and if this is filled with debris or waste materials, how can you even sleep soundly at night? Builders clean will keep every nook and cranny spotless. The wardrobes, shelving, light fittings and every surface in your bedroom will be free from all the post-construction dust and debris. Since dust tends to settle on the ground, you can expect your floors to be vacuumed. With thorough builders clean, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t be inhaling harmful particles while you and your family are asleep.


It Leaves the Kitchen Spotless and Functional

Imagine having leftover construction debris in your kitchen; that spells disaster if those particles get to the food you’re preparing and eating. Of course, cleaning the entire home after construction or renovation is essential. However, any area that involves food handling, which is your kitchen, requires a more thorough clean.

Expect no stone left unturned, as builders clean will deep-clean all areas, from the kitchen appliances, worktops and cabinets to light fittings and any surface possible. You won’t have to worry about compromising the quality of the food you prepare and your family’s safety.

It Makes the Bathroom Germ-Free and Clean

A vital benefit of any home property getting effectively cleaned through builders clean is the bathroom (or bathrooms, if you have more than one). Bathrooms need to be sanitised and clean at all times to keep harmful microorganisms like bacteria from causing illnesses and diseases. Showers, toilets, bathtubs, toilets, bathroom floor, taps, window components, and walls should be cleaned thoroughly, which is a typical standard for a bond clean as well. Both the glass materials and mirrors found in a bathroom will also be part of what gets cleaned.  Light fittings will also receive maintenance for proper lighting to come into play.

A Builders Clean In Conclusion

One of the neglected parts of professional home construction or renovation is the cleaning aspect. They are not experts in post-construction clean-up, so you may have to hire those who are well-versed in this aspect. Many cleaning companies, such as Sunshine Coast Cleans, offer builders clean, making the bathroom germ-free, the bedroom fresh, and the kitchen functional, all while making everything extensively clean.

For top-quality builders cleaning on the Sunshine Coast, Sunshine Coast Cleans has you covered! We also offer commercial cleaning, carpet cleaning and more. Reach out today to request a service!

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