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7 Tell-tale Signs You Need a Professional Carpet Clean

Many homeowners prefer carpet as their flooring option because it offers better insulation, creates a more welcoming atmosphere and reduces noise. Although some homeowners perform daily vacuuming, it is not enough to keep their carpet thoroughly clean, this is where the experts in a carpet clean come in – que Sunshine Coast Cleans.  

The daily activities and busy schedules may cause us to forget that contaminants such as dander, pollen and dust are gradually creating massive havoc on the carpet. Dirty carpets are not always easy to notice, and regular vacuuming may not be effective to get rid of the contaminants that have settled within the fibres. This is why you still need a professional to conduct a thorough carpet clean. 

Here are the common signs that you need to schedule a professional carpet clean service:

1. Unidentified Random Odour

As carpets become dirty, they also give off a foul odour. You might be wondering where the smell is coming from. The scent may indicate that there is spillage for a long time or moisture and mould accumulated over time. Pets can also contribute to this. Though some deodorising products may lessen the smell or give it a fresh odour, that doesn’t last long. To eradicate such odours, it is imperative to call for a professional carpet cleaning service.

2. Allergy Symptoms

If you suddenly notice that your allergy symptoms are worsening, such as sneezing, watery eyes and throat irritation, then your carpet may be the culprit. Your carpet may have been the breeding ground of common allergens like dust mites, pet dander and pollen. When these contaminants and allergens accumulate, it can lead to allergies and other health conditions. 

There are times that vacuuming can only blow the allergens up and make your allergies worse. You should get help from cleaning experts to enjoy the clean and fresh air at home. 

3. Discolouration

Have you noticed discolouration to an area of the carpet when you move furniture? There can be some parts that are cleaner and lighter from the exposed areas. This may be due to the dust and dirt build-up on the carpet that may have changed its colour. Professional carpet cleaners will eradicate the dirt and dust to restore the carpet’s original colour. Getting a professional carpet clean will help in preserving its original colour for a long time.

4. Flattened Carpet Fluff

When you notice that your carpet looks buoyant at all, then it can be a sign that you need to call carpet cleaning experts as soon as possible. The accumulation of dirt may hold them down, thus, making the carpet appear flat. Your floor should have a regular carpet clean to prevent possible wear and tear.


5. Stubborn Stains

One of any homeowner’s worst nightmares is to see stubborn stains on the carpet. There are times your pets spill their food and water, leaving stains on the carpet. These stains can be removed when attended to instantly; however, some become hard to clean.

When your carpet has many tough stains that seem impossible to remove, the best thing to do is call professional carpet cleaners. They have specialised tools, products and equipment to get rid of stubborn stains. Prompt action to these tough stains can help prevent further damage to the carpet.

6. Noticeable Signs of Wear and Tear

Your carpet is prone to wear and tear over time. Regular walking on it, kids playing, dragging furniture across the room and pets roaming around can contribute to the carpet having a lot of wear and tear. With the help of a professional carpet cleaning company, the original beauty of your carpet will be restored.

7. Lack of Cleaning for Over a Year

Homeowners should be aware of when was the last time the carpet was professionally cleaned. This is to make sure that the carpet will look good and vibrant, and free from possible contaminants that may impact your health. Carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once a year. For homeowners with active pets and families, carpets should be cleaned at least twice a year.  

Where Do You Find A Professional Team Who Do Carpet Cleans?

Carpet cleaning regularly can make your carpet last longer and look better. This will ensure that your family will be safe from contaminants, and you’ll have a more welcoming home.

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