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3 Things Customers Look For In An Office Space

It’s been almost a year since people across the country have been ordered to stay inside their homes due to the global pandemic and leave their office behind. South-east Queensland has fared better than most, however many offices have closed, and employees had no choice but to work remotely. Now, as vaccines roll around and the global outlook improves, many companies are starting to reopen. Yet, there’s still a high number of people who are apprehensive about visiting a business, and most of them want to be assured that the place of business is cleaned thoroughly. 

According to Sunshine Coast Cleans, here are some things customers look at when they visit an office space during these times. 

1. Signs of Cleanliness in the Office

When a client walks into a building, they check for signs of cleanliness. Does the area look like it’s been cleaned recently? Clean means there’s no visible dirt and rubbish around. They look into fingerprints on doors and windows, as well as stains on surfaces. These won’t be visible if the place has been cleaned thoroughly. 

These days, it’s more important than ever to disinfect high-touch surfaces regularly. In turn, this has urged businesses to have standalone sanitation stations to help prevent the spread of germs. So, if customers see one, that’s a good sign for them.

They are also mindful of any physical signages that show when a space was last cleaned, who is servicing the facility or details of a regular cleaning regimen. This is becoming a common practice by businesses today, and some also hang signage to remind guests and staff of proper social distancing standards. 


2. Adherence to Safety Protocols

Reopening an office during this time requires significant adjustments. For one, staff must be trained in cleaning methods, especially if you’re in the retail or restaurant business. 

Employees must use proper techniques and products to ensure the area is safe and clean. The staff must appear to be taking the situation seriously and practice safe distancing when they interact with customers. If customers see a business not protecting their employees through simple safety protocols, then they might not go there anymore as they don’t want to put themselves at risk. 

3. Space-Specific Adjustments

A lot of businesses that have reopened have made specific changes to their buildings to help reduce the spread of the virus. Many business owners today have adjusted the traffic flow in their place of business to prevent congested areas. 

Another thing is that there are now contactless points-of-sale along with physical barriers between employees and customers. There are now also markers on floors to indicate safe distances. 

There are also restrictions on the number of customers allowed inside the space at a time. 

Office Cleanliness in Conclusion

Times have changed. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be business as usual in 2021. Customers are more mindful of any place of business’s adherence to health and safety protocols. To regain and maintain customers’ trust, ensure that your establishment is a safe space, starting at maintaining its cleanliness, this is where Sunshine Coast Cleans can help you out.

If you’re a business owner, let professional cleaning services in the Sunshine Coast take care of it. Sunshine Coast Cleans offers the best cleaning services that will help protect your staff and guests during this time. Contact us today. 

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